Taylor’s Mistake Handski


The Taylor’s Mistake Handski bodysurfing handplane and wrist leash.

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The ultimate Bodysurfing Handplane

The reaction molded construction allows a combination of features that make Taylor’s Mistake Handski stand out and unlike any other bodysurfing handplane.

The ergonomically shaped handhold gives maximum grip to control carving and turning.

It’s super safe, if you get caught in the washing machine, just open your hand and the ski releases instantly.

Your hand is not strapped in, meaning your wrist is free to move, which makes swimming easy.

The large volume provides loads of floatation to get you planing early.

Take a breath… you can sit on it between sets.

The sharp rail gives exceptional grip on the wave face to edge the ski and catch barrels.

The concave bottom increases speed and keeps you tracking like a freight train.

The Handski comes in the yellow color as seen in the picture, which darkens over time and acquires a richer appearance much like wood.

Weight: +/- 500 grams

Length:  42 cm

Width:   24 cm

Thickness: 6.5 cm

Enjoy and make your wave!


Additional information

Weight 500 g

42cm x 24cm x 6.5cm